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  Thanks for Keeping It Weird with me! Welcome to my online shop. If you caught me out in the wild, you have already seen the vast array of items that I make.


  I am a "Thrift Store Junkie" and love finding unique items to incorporate into my pieces. Nothing is sacred. If it's small enough, its going in resin. If there's 2 of them, it becomes earrings. If it's big, I will try to turn it into something you can display in your home. The possibilities are endless!

  My most popular items are jewelry and keychains but I am not afraid to try something new and unusual.

  I am, what I call, a "Quarantine Artist." I have always been crafty, but being quarantined for Covid 19, really let me experiment with my creativity.

  If you see something here that you would like customized, just let me know! I am always open to new projects and ideas, so if you think I might be able to create something special for you, just drop me a line!

Image by Masaaki Komori

Hello fellow weirdos...

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